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Keeping your truck organized can be a never ending task. With all the clutter from all the the extra things, that tend to be tossed underseat or behind the seat, it always seems you need extra truck storage.

Embraced by truck owners from all walks of life, the DU-HA has thousands of happy pickup truck owners utilizing a convenient truck storage solution. Designed for maximum storage in confined spaces, the Du-Ha has room to store anything from your power tools, tow ropes and tie down straps for contractors, to fishing rods, guns, ammunition and rain gear for the outdoorsman. Of course all pickup truck owners have their own assortment of hats, gloves, jacks, first aid kits, etc. that could use a proper storage space as well. Depending on your pickup truck cab style, you will have either underseat storage or behind the back seat storage.

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The Du-Ha truck storage bins are quick and easy to install, requiring no tools or drilling. Simple tie straps utilize the seat belt anchors and secure your Du-Ha in place. Most states recognize the storage bin as a legal gun case and padded inserts are provided to cradle 2 to 4 rifles, depending on your truck's configuration. Some units have a seat lock available for additional secure storage. Constructed of heavy duty polyethylene these storage units are virtually indestructible and will last for as long as you own your truck.